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Small by choice
No, we don’t have branches in San Francisco, Strasbourg or Santiago. We started in Hampshire in 2007 and we’re still in Hampshire today. We’re small, independent, successful and we like it that way.

Quality not quantity
Because we keep overheads low and avoid flashy self-promotion, we’re not as expensive as other local design agencies. We only take on a handful of projects at any one time so you get a better return on your investment.

Ideas with substance
Hard-won experience tells us how ideas will fare in the marketplace. They aren’t just designed to look good in our portfolio. They function well in the real world, where it matters.

Cheap. Fast. Great. Pick any two.
All ideas are subject to time, money and quality restraints. We’re up front and honest: sometimes solutions need adequate time and money if they’re to be the best they can be.

No account managers
At this design agency you talk direct to the creative director, the person who thinks up the ideas. Not some middleman with a fancy job title. When you brief the manufacturer direct, nothing gets lost in translation.

No jargon
There’s a lot of unnecessary waffle that infects this industry. If you want new packaging or need a logo update, we’ll be saying exactly that. Not “delivering a multi-platform suite of innovative solutions” or “optimising your presentational value”.

Less is m… Enough said.

Etienne Esmenjaud
Etienne Esmenjaud Managing / Creative Director
Caroline Papadato
Caroline Papadato Graphic Design & Illustration
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